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Impact of Enhanced Student Attentiveness on Student Performance: A Comparative Study between Interactive and Traditional Teaching Methods

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DOI: 10.25236/ichess.2023.021


Lulu Xia, Zicheng Wang, Linxiao Wang

Corresponding Author

Linxiao Wang


This study investigates the impact of teaching methods on student performance, focusing on two groups—New Mode and Traditional Mode—across categories such as Routine, Final Exam, and Total Scores. The New Mode group, subjected to interactive teaching methods and engaging classroom activities, consistently outperformed the Traditional Mode group. Statistical analyses, including line and bar charts, reveal significant differences in academic performance between the groups. These findings strongly suggest that the innovative pedagogical approaches adopted in the New Mode group are more effective for academic achievement. The study provides a comprehensive understanding of the factors affecting student attentiveness and lays the groundwork for future research into the specific elements contributing to higher academic performance. It supports the hypothesis that adopting the strategies from the New Mode could enhance educational outcomes in broader settings.


Student Performance, Student Attentiveness