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Comparative Study of English Student Teachers' Teaching Practice in Finland and China —Case study of UH and BNU from the Prospective of Student Teachers

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DOI: 10.25236/ichess.2023.020


Yumei Tan, Siqi Shan

Corresponding Author

Yumei Tan


This paper intends to compare English teacher education between China and Finland especially the teaching practice session of English teacher education, for teaching practice is a vitally important stage for English teacher education but it is under-researched. The study selects English teacher education master’s program of Beijing Normal University (BNU) and University of Helsinki (UH) as the research target. By comparison of the teaching practice from the perspective of the interview of the student teachers, it tries to find similarities and differences of teaching practice in these two universities, how well the university prepares for the teaching practice for the student teachers, what competence the students obtain in the teaching practice and what is the feedback of the student teachers to the field schools and universities.


Student Teachers, Teaching Practice, Field Schools, Competence