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Design and Research of One-to-Many Multi-attribute Negotiation Support System Based on User Acceptance Behavior Model

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.083


Xinfu Lv

Corresponding Author

Xinfu Lv


With the development of information technology and the popularity of personal computers, e-commerce has entered millions of households. Negotiation is the key link in real business activities. However, although the theoretical research of negotiating support systems for e-commerce has matured in recent years, it is difficult to achieve support for one-to-many preparatory negotiation and integrated application capabilities, promotion and application in business environment for e-commerce users, which is not only a bottleneck that restricts the rapid development of e-commerce, but also a dilemma in the research field of negotiating support systems. In this regard, this paper studies the process of preparation and negotiation before and after negotiations in the one-to-many negotiation that is most closely related to e-commerce, and establish a one-to-many pre-negotiation negotiation support system to solve the above problems.


User Acceptance Behavior Model, one-many multi-attribute negotiation system.