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Research on the Cooperative Education Mechanism of School-enterprise Dual Tutors Based on Micro-specialty

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DOI: 10.25236/ichess.2023.008


Lei Zheng, Di Sun, Hui Li, Lu Zhu

Corresponding Author

Di Sun


School-enterprise dual tutor mode is a characteristic type of collaborative education mode. It is of great significance to stimulate students' enthusiasm and initiative in learning and improve their comprehensive quality for realizing the connotative development of university education. Micro-specialty, a modern education and training mode, can make up for the shortcomings of traditional teaching, break through the "last mile" barrier between universities and enterprises, adapt to the rapid development and changes of information technology and social needs, and improve the competitiveness of learners. This paper puts forward a cooperative education mechanism of dual tutors between schools and enterprises based on micro-specialty, and puts forward new ideas and countermeasures from five aspects: innovative teaching organization form, interdisciplinary integration based on micro-specialty, strengthening the training of tutors, establishing and perfecting the guarantee system and establishing and perfecting the supervision mechanism, in order to provide reference for universities in the practical level of cooperative education construction between schools and enterprises.


Micro-specialty, Cooperative Education, School-enterprise, Dual Tutors