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Research on Teaching Model of Engineering Majors Guided by Scientific Research Projects by Taking Computer Science and Technology Major as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/ichess.2023.006


Jiangming Kuang

Corresponding Author

Jiangming Kuang


The innovative, interdisciplinary, and integrated talents required by the “New Engineering Education” not only require the support of teaching concepts and content, but also need the guidance of scientific research in universities. In this paper, the talent cultivation of the Computer Science and Technology Major was taken as a specific example to analyze the current situation of scientific research and teaching, and summarize the problems of the current “New Engineering Education” talent cultivation plan: unclear cultivation objectives, unduly traditional teaching modes and methods, weak correlation of knowledge systems, and inability of scientific research to effectively back-feeding teaching. Furthermore, based on these issues, we proposed a “Research project-integrated teaching” model in classroom teaching to stimulate students' learning interest, put forward the model of “Guide college students’ scientific and technological innovation through scientific research projects” in innovation training to enhance their innovation and exploration abilities, and came up with the model of graduation project guided by dual tutors from an enterprise and a college to improve the quality of their graduation design and hands-on ability, so as to explore a mutual improvement path that combines teaching and research.


New Engineering Education, Scientific Research Projects, Teaching Model, Research Project-Integrated Teaching