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Study on the Internal Mechanism of Collaborative Governance of Community Cultural Services in China

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DOI: 10.25236/ichess.2023.005


Yanlei Hu

Corresponding Author

Yanlei Hu


With accelerating urbanization, China’s urban population is increasing rapidly. As such, how to improve the supply of cultural services has become an important subject. Recently, collaborative governance came to be one of the important instruments used in supplying cultural services to urban communities in many countries. This article analyzes the collaborative system of the cultural services of 107 communities of six Jie Dao Ban in China. This was done via face-to-face interviews with the officials of Jie Dao Ban and community committees, residents, and the workers of social organizations and cultural enterprises. Some kinds of collaborative inertia problems are found, including policy dependence, information dependence, power dependence and ability dependence, particularly with regard to public agencies, cultural enterprises, and social organizations, as well as the residents who rely on the collaborative governance of cultural services in urban communities. This decreases the effectiveness and efficiency of the collaborative governance of community cultural services.


Community Cultural Service, Collaborative Governance, Dependence, Collaborative Inertia