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Reform and Practice of Railway Track Course Integrating OBE Concept in the Background of "Emerging Engineering Education"

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DOI: 10.25236/ichess.2023.003


Feng Han, Wenhui Zhao, Yang Liu

Corresponding Author

Feng Han


Based on the requirements for the construction of the " Emerging Engineering Education " system, the relevant research and practice work of the course teaching of "Railway Track" is carried out, integrating the educational concept of OBE and the development needs of industry talents. The following researches are mainly carried out, such as scientifically planning the teaching content and implementation mode of the course, adopting teaching methods such as “micro scientific research” and “micro site”, improving and perfecting the mechanism of course assessment and continuous improvement, and actively carrying out ideological and political education of the course. The proposed measures have effectively solved the outstanding contradictions in the teaching of existing courses, fully mobilized students' learning enthusiasm and cultivated their ability to analyze and solve complex railway track engineering problems, along with their enthusiasm to devote themselves to the cause of railway construction in the motherland.


Merging Engineering Education, OBE, Railway Track, Continuous Improvement, Curriculum Politics