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A Working Framework for Internationalization of Universities in China —Based on Practice of Northwestern Polytechnical University

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DOI: 10.25236/ichess.2023.002


Yun Yuan, Xingqiang Du, Xiaodong Wei

Corresponding Author

Yun Yuan


The paper addresses the essence of internationalization for universities in 21st century. Internationalization and global strategies of several world-class universities are examined and reviewed. It is found that each university needs to find its own way of internationalization fitting itself. Northwestern Polytechnical University, one of the first-class universities in China, is further investigated as the case study of internationalization. The framework of implementing and improving the internationalization is studied accordingly. Proposals are made on the “bottom-up” and “top-down” approach aligned, and international education and research integrated and immersed. The work priorities for Chinese universities to enhance internationalization are suggested, including strategic partners selection, endorsement to faculty and students, and international infrastructure and resources, etc.


Internationalization, Working Framework, Chinese University