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The role of intelligent transportation in the development of green transportation

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DOI: 10.25236/icetmr.2023.022


Jianping Guo

Corresponding Author

Jianping Guo


In recent years, with the rapid development of China's social economy and urbanization development process constantly moving forward, urban traffic problems become increasingly prominent, among them, the urban traffic inefficient, road congestion and pollution problems, has become the green city create obstacles, is also a big challenge and problems facing the modern urban development. In order to be more scientific and efficient to solve these problems, it should be reasonable corresponding measures, vigorously the introduction of intelligent transportation technology, optimize traffic management mode, combined with the actual, to reasonable arrangement of traffic lines, using wisdom system to improve urban traffic and travel environment, vigorously build green traffic sustainable development system, so as to improve the quality of urban life, convenient people living in the city travel, improve efficiency. This paper discusses the role and countermeasures of smart transportation in realizing the sustainable development of green transportation. In the paper, the current situation and problems of urban transportation development will be analyzed, and a set of feasible solutions will be proposed at the end of the paper.


intelligent transportation; green transportation; sustainable development