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Optimization Management and Countermeasure Analysis of Coal Mine Ventilation Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icetmr.2023.015


Jingyu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jingyu Zhang


There are many hidden dangers and problems in coal mine production, which require technicians to use many different technologies to do well the work of safety prevention and control and improve the safety, in order to promote the safety of coal mine enterprises, it is necessary to avoid the risk of life and property in the process of production. By improving the technology of coal mine operation and strengthening the research of ventilation technology, the harmful substances such as gas and carbon monoxide can be reduced, and the gas explosion accident can be caused, to improve job security. This paper probes into the optimized management and countermeasures of gout technology in coal mines, and puts forward some feasible countermeasures from the basic needs of ventilation in coal mines, so as to reduce the occurrence of production safety accidents in coal mines and promote the better development of production operations, improve economic efficiency.


Coal mine; ventilation technology; optimization management; gas