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Research on the application of cloud modeling in the comprehensive evaluation of exploration effectiveness

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DOI: 10.25236/icetmr.2023.005


Liu Hui, Zhan Weiyun, Li Haitao, Ma Hualing

Corresponding Author

Liu Hui


In the comprehensive evaluation of exploration effectiveness, there are many indicators involved in it, the evaluation boundaries of the indicators are different, and the indicators are interrelated, quantifying the small amount of data is difficult, so it is necessary to adopt scientific and reasonable comprehensive evaluation methods to establish a comprehensive evaluation model of exploration effectiveness. In this paper, three representative evaluation methods are selected: fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, hierarchical analysis and TOPSIS method.Then we analyze advantages and disadvantages of the three methods, and on this basis, the cloud model is used to produce new evaluation index evaluation criteria, combined with the entropy weighting method to generate evaluation index weights, and establish a comprehensive evaluation method for exploration effectiveness. The new method has better adaptability to the less evaluation index data through case analysis.


Comprehensive evaluation; fuzzy comprehensive evaluation; TOPSIS method; hierarchical analysis; cloud modelling