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The problems and countermeasures in the determination of soil organic matter were discussed

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2023.017


Jingli Ge

Corresponding Author

Jingli Ge


Soil is the necessary material base for crops to grow, and the fertility of soil determines the growth and harvest of crops. Therefore, there is a“Crops a flower, all by the fat of the home” this saying. This also shows the importance of soil fertility for crop growth. The Ancients recognized in ancient times the effect of soil fertility on crops, and recognized the importance of four factors in addition to the need for light, temperature, water, and fertility, soil fertility has the greatest impact on crops, and if the soil lacks organic matter, it will affect the final crop yield, poor growth. How to determine soil organic matter is one of the focuses of many agricultural technologists. In order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the determination of soil organic matter, this paper discusses the methods and techniques of soil organic matter determination.


soil; organic matter; determination; method