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Research on edge importance measure in double-layer small-word networks

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2023.014


Luo Zhangkai, Pei Zhongmin, Wang Xinmin

Corresponding Author

Luo Zhangkai


to overcome the problem that edge sorting methods based on the centrality index cannot accurately sort the edge according to the impact on information transmission, this paper puts forward a method that combines the community structure excavation algorithm and the edge betweenness index to measure the importance of each edge. In the proposed method, the community structure is firstly excavated based on the Newman algorithm, which realize the redefinition of the number of community. Then, the edge betweenness of each edge is calculated. Based on the community structure and the betweenness of each edge, the edge sorting method in two-layer network is designed. Finally, the network efficiency is used as the evaluation index to evaluate the performance of the proposed method, and the maximum degree method , the maximum edge betweenness method and random method are used as contrast methods. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed method performs better than these three methods and can better locate the important edges that have a large impact on the information transmission in the two-layer network.


two-layer network; edge importance; Newman algorithm; edge betweenness