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Environmentally friendly materials for sustainable road and bridge construction

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2023.010


Yaoxi Cao, Ying Li, Yanhua Wang

Corresponding Author

Yaoxi Cao


With the global emphasis on sustainable development, the construction industry is moving towards environmental protection and sustainability. As an important part of infrastructure, the construction of roads and bridges also needs to consider environmental factors. This article will explore the use of environmentally friendly materials in the construction of sustainable roads and bridges, including recycled materials, low-carbon materials, and renewable energy sources. The application of these materials helps reduce resource consumption, lower carbon emissions, and improve the service life of roads and bridges. By promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials, we can achieve more sustainable and environmentally friendly road and bridge construction.


sustainable development, roads and bridges, environmentally friendly materials, recycled materials, low-carbon materials, renewable energy