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Research on Microgrid Operation Control Based on Matrix Multiplication MPI Parallel Algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2023.009


Rui Dai

Corresponding Author

Rui Dai


The MPI parallel algorithm based on matrix multiplication can effectively improve the operational stability and control accuracy of microgrids, and has high computational efficiency. Microgrids have operational characteristics such as flexibility, reliability, security, sustainability, and economy. MPI parallel algorithm is a parallel computing method based on message passing mechanism, which has become one of the important tools for solving large-scale computing problems due to its efficiency and scalability. The implementation path of microgrid operation control based on MPI parallel algorithm mainly includes defining microgrid operation control problems, designing MPI parallel algorithms, writing MPI parallel programs, testing and debugging, application and optimization. In the future, further research should be conducted on the optimization and improvement of this algorithm to meet the constantly changing requirements of microgrid control.


Matrix multiplication; MPI parallel algorithm; Microgrid operation control