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Glucose biosensor based on DNA origami

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2023.006


Jikai Yang

Corresponding Author

Jikai Yang


In this paper, I designed a glucose biosensor that can help us measure glucose levels. Specifically, glucose can be detected by the aptamer on the biosensor, which changes conformation and results in a change in FRET. Thus, by using fluorescence spectroscopy, glucose levels can be measured. The biosensor functions as a point of care device that people can use right at home to keep track of their blood glucose levels. The biosensor is based on DNA origami, fluorescence sensing strategy, and also an aptamer to detect glucose. Specifically, a dynamic DNA origami is used to design a glucose biosensor, which is precisely decorated with arrays of fluorophores acting as donors and acceptors that can show the presence of glucose according to the conformation of the DNA origami, which changes as an aptamer detects glucose.


Glucose biosensor, DNA origami, FRET, Aptamer