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Analysis of Computer Software Engineering Database Programming Technology Based on Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2023.003


Yu Yang

Corresponding Author

Yu Yang


Due to the use of database technology, various types of data information can be scientifically classified and quickly integrated, thereby greatly improving the overall utilization rate of information. In order to ensure the security of data information and enable various industries to make reasonable use of various types of information, it is necessary for relevant personnel to conduct further research on computer software engineering. From a technical perspective, meet the corresponding software application scenarios and technical requirements. At the same time, the arrival and development of the era of Big data have significantly changed people's lifestyle. Based on this, it is very necessary to base on the overall background of the Big data era in the process of specific software design. Therefore, this paper analyzes the database programming technology of computer software engineering based on Big data. In the context of the current Big data era, the database formed by massive data needs more maintenance through computer software engineering. Therefore, the service function of computer database should be improved based on the application of computer software engineering, so as to provide more convenience for users to carry out their work.


Big data; Computers; Software engineering; Database programming technology