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Research on a Microecological Agent for Aquatic Environment Management in Aquaculture

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2023.002


Qingyin Ren

Corresponding Author

Qingyin Ren


The deterioration of aquaculture environment and diseases have led to the water quality of aquaculture water bodies being not only affected by natural factors, but also by human and biological factors. Therefore, aquaculture operators must pay attention to the improvement of water quality. This article studies the aquaculture water environment through a microecological preparation. Microecological agents refer to the biological agents made by the cooperation of beneficial strains from the normal microbiota through targeted screening based on the theory of microecology, which are used to adjust the micro Balance of nature of aquatic animals' intestines, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, promote the absorption of nutrients and improve the water quality of aquaculture waters. The addition amount of probiotics is required to make beneficial bacteria the dominant bacteria in order to exert their maximum effect in aquaculture water bodies. Therefore, if water is changed or disinfectants are used in the middle, the dosage for the first use should be added after the water is changed or a few days after the use of disinfectants. Among them, microecological agents are non-toxic, free of side effects, residual pollution, and resistance, which can effectively improve the breeding ecological environment, improve the immunity of breeding animals, reduce the occurrence of diseases, improve health, promote growth, and maintain the Balance of nature of breeding.


Aquaculture water; Environmental governance; Microecological preparations