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Design and Implementation of Data Integration and Exchange in Digital Warehousing System

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2023.001


Ming Li

Corresponding Author

Ming Li


Existing warehousing systems are located in different areas of the logistics process, making them discrete, incompatible, and poorly integrated. Tobacco industry companies have implemented the entire process management of excipients through storage systems, and are unable to directly obtain information about abnormal batches of products from the information system while dealing with product quality anomalies, and cannot achieve traceability management of product informatization. In response, this article has designed the data integration and exchange of the digital warehousing system. The collection equipment tracks each item of material in various stages of logistics and storage, and summarizes and submits the collected data to the warehousing system to form relevant business documents, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of inventory data. The design realizes the data management of auxiliary material warehousing. The data platform extracts data based on the provided data list, and then routes and distributes the data packets to the target system or directly stores the extracted data to the target data source, achieving horizontal data access and data exchange functions between various application systems and internal business application systems.


Digitization; Warehousing system; Data integration; Data exchange