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Research on lean management of hospital medical cost under the guidance of performance management

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.071


Yingkai Yang, Xinru Chai

Corresponding Author

Yingkai Yang


With the continuous deepening of the new medical reform work, public hospitals have gradually reduced their income compensation channels. However, government subsidies and service charges are not enough to make up for the losses of public hospitals, and most public hospitals are in a situation where their income does not cover their expenses. However, traditional medical cost management is not closely related to performance management and is not suitable for the current development of public hospitals. Therefore, it is an urgent problem to improve cost management and build an effective cost management system that is suitable for the development of public hospitals in China, combined with performance management. This article takes public hospitals as the research object, conducts in-depth analysis of the current situation and existing problems of medical cost management in public hospitals, and determines the causes of the problems. Then, based on the research of performance management theory and lean management theory, a lean management system for medical costs under the guidance of performance management is constructed. The theory of performance management is organically integrated with the theory of lean management, focusing on medical costs, and trying to build a medical cost management system suitable for the development of public hospitals, in order to help public hospitals reduce waste, eliminate non-value-added operations, effectively control medical costs, and improve the efficiency of public hospitals. It is also hoped to provide a new way of thinking for public hospitals to carry out medical cost management.


Public hospital; Medical costs; Performance management; Cost lean management