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Research on the Synergistic Development Mechanism of Financial Innovation Mode and International Trade in the New Period

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.062


Jiayan Zhao

Corresponding Author

Jiayan Zhao


In this paper, the mechanism of coordinated development of financial innovation mode and international trade in the new period is deeply studied, aiming at discussing how financial innovation can promote the development of international trade, and putting forward strategies and suggestions to strengthen the coordinated development of the two. First of all, this paper analyzes the profound influence of financial innovation tools such as digital payment, smart contract and blockchain on international trade, and reveals their potential advantages in improving efficiency and reducing costs. Secondly, through the theoretical discussion on the relationship between international trade and financial innovation, the necessity of strengthening international cooperation and coordination mechanism is put forward, including establishing an international cooperation platform, formulating global financial innovation standards, and promoting international financial supervision and cooperation. Furthermore, this paper emphasizes the need to pay attention to privacy protection and data security in the process of coordinated development, and calls for the formulation of international privacy regulations and data security standards. Finally, we emphasize the importance of global cooperation and co-construction, including the construction of digital payment infrastructure, the promotion of scientific and technological innovation and R&D cooperation. Through these studies, this paper provides profound theoretical analysis and practical guidance for the coordinated development of financial innovation and international trade in the new period, and provides useful ideas for the sustainable development of the global economy.


New Period; Synergistic Development; Financial Innovation; International Trade