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Research on University English Teaching Methods in the Context of Intercultural Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.059


Jingting Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jingting Zhang


In the era of globalization, the importance of intercultural communication continues to grow. English, as a globally recognized language, plays a crucial role in communication across different cultures and countries. The mission of university-level English education extends beyond imparting language knowledge; it also aims to cultivate students' intercultural communication skills, enabling them to excel on the international stage. This research delves into the teaching methods of university-level English in the context of intercultural communication, seeking innovative and adaptable educational approaches. Through literature review, establishment of theoretical frameworks, application of research methods, and analysis of research findings, we explore the theoretical foundations of intercultural communication, compare different university-level English teaching methods, evaluate students' learning outcomes, and assess the enhancement of their intercultural communication abilities. We also provide recommendations for improving university-level English teaching methods to meet the demands of intercultural communication. Through this research, we aim to offer valuable insights for university-level English education, assisting educational institutions in better meeting the needs of students in a globalized society.


Intercultural Communication, Higher Education, English Teaching, Educational Methods, Globalization, Language Skills, Intercultural Competence