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Innovative Pathways for Piano Music Education in the Context of Information Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.056


Xue Cheng

Corresponding Author

Xue Cheng


This study aims to explore innovative paths in piano music education in the context of informatization. With the rapid development of information technology, traditional piano teaching models are facing many challenges and opportunities. Through literature review, case analysis, and empirical research methods, this paper delves into how information technology can be effectively integrated into piano education and how this integration can promote the innovation and development of piano education. The research finds that informatization not only provides new teaching tools and resources for piano education but also promotes the innovation of teaching methods and the diversification of curriculum content. This paper proposes a series of innovative paths, including the use of online teaching platforms, the application of interactive software, and the integration of digital resources, aiming to improve teaching efficiency and the learning experience. The conclusion of the paper offers suggestions on the application of informatization in piano music education and looks forward to future research directions.


Informatization, piano music education, teaching innovation, online teaching, digital resources