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Research on the Mechanism and Path of Local Applied Universities Serving Rural Revitalization

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.054


Wang Zhiqi

Corresponding Author

Wang Zhiqi


This paper takes the local applied universities as the research theme, aiming at deeply discussing the role, mechanism and feasible path of universities in rural revitalization. Through literature review, case analysis and field investigation, we systematically studied the theoretical basis and practical experience of local applied universities participating in rural revitalization. First of all, at the mechanism level, the paper finds that establishing a sound institutional system is the key to promoting the university to serve the rural revitalization. Policy support and the establishment of incentive mechanism will effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of university faculty and staff, making serving the countryside a social responsibility of universities. Secondly, in terms of practical path, the paper puts forward a set of multi-level service system. The organic combination of these practical paths aims to make local applied universities participate in rural revitalization more deeply and extensively, provide all-round support for the countryside, and promote the all-round development of rural economy and society. Through the research results of this paper, it can provide useful reference for local universities to better fulfill their social responsibilities and serve rural revitalization, and make contributions to building a beautiful and livable rural new era.


Local Applied Universities; Rural Revitalization; Mechanism; Path