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Research on Modern College English Translation Theory and Teaching Methods

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.053


Yuxia Tian, Yanchun Feng

Corresponding Author

Yuxia Tian


This study aims to explore modern theories and teaching methods of English translation in higher education, analyzing their application and development within the current educational system. As globalization accelerates, English, as the main language of international communication, has become increasingly important in higher education translation teaching. This paper discusses the theoretical basis, teaching methods, challenges, and opportunities of modern English translation teaching through a comprehensive analysis of existing literature and practical teaching cases.The study employs literature review and case analysis methods to deeply explore the theory and practice of English translation teaching in universities. It finds that although traditional translation theories still influence teaching, the introduction of modern technology and the need for cross-cultural communication have driven innovation in teaching methods. The study also identifies several challenges in the actual teaching process, such as insufficient teaching resources, differences in student abilities, and the integration of translation practice with theoretical knowledge.This paper aims to provide theoretical and practical guidance for university English translation teachers and educational policymakers to optimize teaching strategies and improve the quality and effectiveness of translation teaching. The research results are significant not only for the field of English translation teaching but also provide valuable references for cross-cultural communication and international educational cooperation.


English Translation Teaching, Modern Teaching Methods, Cross-Cultural Communication, Translation Theory