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The Construction and Innovation of Badminton Teaching Methods in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.052


Shi Conggang

Corresponding Author

Shi Conggang


Badminton is a common sports sport that is widely popularized in China and has formed a trend of national sports. It can deepen people's health awareness while exercising, and is conducive to implementing the Healthy China strategy. Badminton is also one of the key teaching contents in school physical education. However, the traditional badminton teaching mode is relatively single, and students generally lack interest in learning. They only use it as an exam item, and their badminton professional ability cannot be effectively improved. Therefore, it is necessary to innovate and optimize the badminton teaching mode.An analysis was conducted on the problems existing in the traditional badminton teaching process, and the significance and strategies of constructing and innovating badminton teaching methods were proposed, in order to provide reference opinions for the development of activities.


Badminton; National fitness; College Physical Education