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Research on the Construction of Computer Major Group Curriculum System in Vocational Colleges under the Background of Information and Innovation

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.050


Youshuang Liu

Corresponding Author

Youshuang Liu


The construction of curriculum system is one of the key tasks in the construction of professional groups in vocational colleges. In order to better adapt to the growth of new technologies, industries, and economy, vocational colleges should vigorously carry out curriculum system construction. Improving the curriculum system construction in vocational colleges from the perspective of professional groups is an inevitable requirement for building high-level curriculum groups, an urgent requirement for building high-level professional groups, and a practical requirement for adjusting the curriculum environment in vocational colleges. The computer major is a significant component of vocational colleges, and cultivating well-rounded computer professionals is the focus of teaching activities in vocational colleges. Educational authorities and vocational institutions should focus on cultivating high-quality and skilled talents with innovative abilities to meet the needs of contemporary socio-economic growth for network information technology. This effort will not only help improve the level of education and service capabilities of vocational colleges but also promote professional technology to reach international advanced levels. Furthermore, it will lead the overall growth of Chinese vocational colleges, improve the modernization level of vocational education, and promote the transformation of vocational education from scale expansion to connotation upgrading. This article studies the construction of the computer major group course system in vocational colleges under the background of information and innovation.


Background of information and innovation; Vocational colleges; Computer major; Curriculum system construction