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A Review of Research on the Evolution of Village Morphology and Landscape Pattern Optimization along Rivers Based on GIS: A Case Study of the Dong Ethnic Group in Sanjiang

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.047


Li Yufeng

Corresponding Author

Li Yufeng


This study employs Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and principles of landscape ecology to investigate the morphological evolution and landscape pattern optimization of riverside villages. Focusing on the Sanjiang Dong ethnic region, the research encompasses various stages, including data collection, processing, and spatial data analysis, along with the application of landscape metric calculations and simulation models. The paper primarily analyzes the historical land use patterns, current landscape structure, and their impacts on the ecological environment and socio-economic aspects in the San jiang Dong area. Based on the findings, a comprehensive GIS-based landscape pattern optimization model is proposed, integrating ecological, socio-economic, and cultural factors to guide the sustainable development of riverside villages. Through quantitative analysis, the study reveals the evolutionary patterns of landscape in riverside villages, providing scientific insights for policy formulation and practical applications.


GIS Technology, Landscape Ecology, Riverside Villages, Morphological Evolution, Landscape Pattern Optimization, San jiang Dong Ethnic Group