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Application of Space Syntax in Landscape Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.046


Xiaobin Li

Corresponding Author

Xiaobin Li


The space syntax proposed by Bill Hillier has attracted widespread attention in the academic community since it entered China in 2005, with its unique spatial description theory and methodology, which is comprehensive, rigorous, precise and scientific.This design approach not only changes the way we look at urban space, but also redefines the approach to urban design. ‘Configuration’ in space syntax provide us with a new perspective on urban design.By quantitatively describing and comparing space, then adding the influencing factors of human activities and studying the interactions between space and human activities, the core concept of space syntax ‘Configuration’ is proposed, which confirmed that the complex relationship between spatial elements is the key factor for the development of economic activities. Based on the above research, space syntax puts forward a series of theoretical methods and frameworks for space analysis, which provides an important theoretical basis for urban design. With the progress of time and the development of science and technology, space syntax has received more technical support, such as big data and new technologies, which has gradually improved the analysis methods of space syntax. At present, the application and exploration of space syntax is mainly concentrated in architecture, urban planning and traffic design, while the application of the syntax of space in the field of landscape design is still on a relatively small scale. As a part of the urban fabric, landscape design has the necessity to explore its new methods with space syntax. The goal of this article is to explore the new ideas of landscape design by exploring the application of space syntax in the design phase, programme decision-making phase and the renewal phase. By deeply exploring the theory and method of space syntax, it can provide new perspectives and design tools for landscape design, and improve the quality of urban design and the quality of people's life.


space syntax, landscape applications, landscape schematic design phase,landscape programme decision-making phase, urban landscape renewal phase