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The Role and Development Strategies of the Southeast Asian Association in Globalization

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.044


Yan Guan

Corresponding Author

Yan Guan


Southeast Asian countries are developing countries with a high degree of participation in globalization, and economic globalization has had a significant impact on the economic development of these countries. This article analyzes the role and development strategies of the ASEAN(Association of Southeast Asian Nations) in globalization. Under the impact of globalization, countries around the world need to consider structural adjustment and institutional reform issues. From a new perspective of globalized online finance, we can grasp the essence of the problem. Globalization has created an era of online economy that relies heavily on information resources and financial services. We may gain some valuable insights from the analysis of real cases, and the development process of Southeast Asian countries is an extremely valuable reference frame. Supporting the ASEAN to play an active role in international and regional affairs, analyzing the Southeast Asian financial crisis from the perspective of a globalized network economy, will remind us of the need to comprehensively update our concepts, adjust development strategies, and re-examine institutional reforms.


SEAN; Globalization; Role; development strategy