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Digital Technology Facilitating University Traditional Cultural and Artistic Design Inheritance and Innovation

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.043


Deng Kaida

Corresponding Author

Deng Kaida


With the vigorous development of digital technology, its application in the field of traditional cultural and artistic design in universities has attracted wide attention. The purpose of this study is to explore how digital technology can help the inheritance and innovation of traditional cultural and artistic design in universities, and make an in-depth analysis through specific cases and practical research. First of all, through the research on the digitalization of cultural relics and the construction of virtual museums, it is found that digital technology provides a new way for the inheritance of traditional culture. Secondly, the combination of AI and artistic creation shows the powerful potential of digital technology in innovation. Through AI to generate art, artists can explore creative space more widely, inject modern elements into traditional culture and form a unique artistic expression. Further, this study focuses on the practical application of digital science and technology curriculum and training in universities. In this process, students not only deeply understand the essence of traditional culture, but also cultivate the skills of digital creation through practical case analysis, creation and achievement display, which provides broader possibilities for future career development. Through the in-depth discussion of this study, we expect to provide theoretical guidance and practical experience for the application of digital technology in university traditional cultural and artistic design, and promote the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture in the digital age.


Artistic Design; Traditional Cultural; Digital Technology; Innovation