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Research on the education path of marketing major in higher vocational colleges based on the integration of "post course competition Certificate"

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.042


Huan Cheng

Corresponding Author

Huan Cheng


With the practice of “Post-Course-Competion-Certificate” integration in higher vocational colleges, there are some typical models of "Post-Course-Competion-Certificate" comprehensive education, but there are also problems such as low adaptability of teaching resource library construction, uneven depth of Post-Course-Competion-Certificate integration, insufficient linkage between industry, enterprise and school, and imperfect assessment and evaluation mechanism. Based on the analysis of these problems, this paper puts forward a comprehensive education path such as building a dynamic comprehensive education model, creating a modular curriculum system, strengthening the construction of high-quality courses and high-quality teaching resources and constructing a multi-dimensional assessment mechanism, hoping to provide some reference for other relevant majors in colleges and universities.


“Post-Course-Competion-Certificate”; Marketing; Educational path