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Modern economic system based on green and low-carbon circular development: realization path and practical significance

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.040


Lidong Bai

Corresponding Author

Lidong Bai


This paper deeply studies the modern economic system (MES) based on green and low-carbon circular development (LCCD), focusing on the key path to realize this concept and its practical significance to society. In terms of path, through the analysis of technological innovation, policy and system innovation, international cooperation and global governance, the key elements of green and low-carbon circular development and their relationships are revealed. Technological innovation promotes the rise of green industry, policy and system innovation provides guidance for the reform of economic system, and international cooperation builds a global cooperation mechanism. In terms of practical significance, this paper emphasizes the far-reaching impact of green and LCCD on the environment, society and economy. The realization of this concept helps to ensure environmental sustainability, promote social fairness and tolerance, improve resource utilization efficiency, and provide opportunities for new economic growth points. Finally, this paper looks forward to the future development and emphasizes the importance of global cooperation, scientific and technological innovation and social participation. The MES based on green and LCCD is not only a positive response to contemporary social problems, but also a key path to promote global sustainable development.


practical significance; realization path; low-carbon circular development; Modern economic system