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Research on the trend of China's integrated marketing strategy under the background of new media era

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.037


Ruoqi Yuan

Corresponding Author

Ruoqi Yuan


This paper aims to examine the current state of marketing strategies in the Chinese market, specifically focusing on the opportunities and challenges associated with developing integrated marketing strategies in an era characterized by the saturation of new media within marketing strategy paradigms. The study posits that China's competitive market environment is progressively intensifying due to the influence of diverse consumer demands and behaviors. To achieve the development and transformation of Chinese marketing strategies, the innovative application of integrated marketing strategies is considered an indispensable approach. Moreover, it underscores the imperative for businesses to adapt flexibly in the era of new media by focusing on data utilization and pioneering marketing tactics while emphasizing strategy sustainability and crisis management. The paper proposes that companies should comprehensively consider diverse channels, consumer segments, and societal factors when formulating integrated marketing strategies to attain enduring market competitiveness.


Chinese market, integrated marketing strategy, new media, innovation, sustainability, crisis management, market competitive advantage