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Research on Digital Protection and Inheritance of Liaoning Intangible Cultural Heritage in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.030


Shen Zhuang

Corresponding Author

Shen Zhuang


In the rapid development of globalization and technological progress, the protection of intangible cultural heritage has encountered several obstacles, including the decline in the understanding and appreciation of traditional customs in contemporary society. This exploration delves into Liaoning Province's intangible cultural heritage and the digital means to safeguard and pass it down. Initially, we establish the essence of intangible cultural heritage, then assess the current state and challenges Liaoning's heritage encounters given its distinct backdrop. Subsequently, the paper delves into the potential of digital tools like 3D scanning, virtual and augmented reality, and cloud computing for heritage preservation and propagation. Leveraging these tools, one can precisely document, exhibit, and disseminate intangible cultural heritage. Furthermore, the research touches upon enhancing heritage continuity via community education and involvement, coupled with the significant influence of policy endorsements and financial frameworks. In culmination, the paper offers targeted tactics and insights for the digital perpetuation of intangible cultural heritage.


The new era; Liaoning; Intangible cultural heritage; Digital protection and inheritance