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Challenges and Countermeasures in Realizing Chinese Agricultural and Rural Modernization

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.025


Ran Li, Yang Luo

Corresponding Author

Ran Li


With the rapid development of China's economy, the modernization of agriculture and rural areas has become an urgent need for national development. However, a series of challenges have emerged in this process. First of all, the demand for the continuous improvement of agricultural science and technology has put forward higher requirements for the support of scientific research institutions and the scientific and technological literacy of farmers. Secondly, under the pressure of agricultural production mode transformation, effective policy guidance and technical support are needed to promote agriculture to a more sustainable and efficient direction. At the same time, the backwardness of rural infrastructure construction, especially in transportation and water conservancy, has restricted the development of rural modernization. Land system reform has also become a key project, involving land circulation, land confirmation and other issues, which need systematic policy system to support. Finally, with the outflow of rural population and the acceleration of urbanization, the problem of rural ecological environment protection is prominent, and more practical and effective measures are needed to deal with it. In order to solve these challenges, the paper puts forward a series of countermeasures. This series of countermeasures will help to solve many problems in rural development, at the same time, push Chinese-style agricultural and rural modernization to a new stage and realize the coordinated growth of economic, social and ecological benefits.


Rural Modernization; Challenges; Countermeasures; Chinese Agricultural