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Research on the Inheritance and Innovation of Traditional Opera Art in Contemporary Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.023


Jie Song

Corresponding Author

Jie Song


As the treasure of China traditional culture, traditional opera art faces the pressure of inheritance and contains opportunities for innovation in contemporary education. Through in-depth research on the inheritance and innovation of traditional opera art in contemporary education, this paper aims to explore how to better integrate traditional opera into the education system under the background of modern society and realize its dual goals of inheritance and innovation. First of all, this paper reveals the profound contribution of traditional opera art to cultural inheritance through the analysis of its historical origin and cultural connotation. Secondly, this paper focuses on the challenges and opportunities of traditional opera in contemporary education. By analyzing the difficulties in audience reduction, educational system reform, market competition and the scarcity of artists of the older generation, this paper puts forward some paths, such as strengthening subject setting, basic education and early training, and building teachers, to promote the inheritance of traditional opera in school education. Finally, this paper focuses on the innovative path of traditional opera art in contemporary education. By expanding communication channels, paying attention to artistic innovation, and strengthening interdisciplinary research, traditional Chinese opera can adapt to the needs of contemporary society, reach a wider audience, and achieve innovative development in contemporary education.


Innovation; Inheritance; Traditional Opera Art