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Analysis of Performance Skills and Skill Enhancement Strategies in Flute Performance

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.016


Jingze Wang

Corresponding Author

Jingze Wang


The performance skills and skill enhancement in flute performance are the key to the continuous growth of flute players. Firstly, performers should pay attention to stage performance and confidence cultivation, establish emotional connections with the audience through beautiful postures and movements, and showcase confidence and charm. Secondly, performers need to delve into music theory and knowledge, master the basic skills of flute, and continuously improve their skills through repeated practice and participation in performances. In addition, performers should pay attention to music expression and emotional communication, integrating deep emotions into the music, and through facial expressions and eye contact, making the audience resonate and feel the power of music. Continuous practice and learning, as well as the accumulation of experience in actively participating in performances and competitions, are effective strategies for flute players to improve their performance skills and skills, allowing them to continuously grow and improve on the path of music.


Flute playing; performance skills; Skill improvement; Strategic analysis