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Study on the Relationship between Workplace Loneliness and Turnover Intention of Medical Staff Based on Emotion Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.012


Jie He, Xuetie Li, Xiaoqin Liu

Corresponding Author

Jie He


The turnover intention caused by the loneliness of medical staff in the workplace has become the focus of psychological research. From the perspective of emotional state theory, emotional cognition and satisfaction are the important support of workplace sense of gain. Due to the busy working state of medical staff and the high pressure of doctors and patients for a long time, it is easy to produce negative emotions. With the continuous accumulation of negative emotions, it will lead to the exclusion of the existing working state and environment, and resignation will become the outlet of emotional excretion. This paper will discuss the relationship between workplace loneliness and turnover intention of medical staff from the perspective of emotional state theory.


Emotion theory; Medical staff; Workplace loneliness; Turnover intention; Relationship