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A Strategic Study on Integrating Homeland Feelings from the Perspective of Integrating Ideological and Political Courses

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.007


Zongguo Wu

Corresponding Author

Zongguo Wu


Ideology learning is an indispensable part of students' growth process, which is of great significance in enhancing their ideological level and cultivating their behavioral habits. The national sentiment reflects a person's attitude towards the country, which is the ideological and emotional qualities that should be possessed in the process of personal development. It is also an important component of the core literacy of ideology. As the leader of the ideology class, ideology teachers should possess a sense of patriotism, always carry the country and nation in their hearts, pay attention to the development status of the times and the country, melt their patriotism into the classroom teaching process, subtly guide students to establish a correct national concept, truly cultivate patriotism in classroom teaching, and cultivate students' sense of patriotism. Enhance teaching methods to foster a sense of national sentiment; Augment the instructional approach for nurturing national sentiment; Investigate teaching scenarios aimed at instilling patriotism, to offer both theoretical underpinnings and actionable recommendations for implementing ideological courses on cultivating patriotism.


Integration of ideological and political courses; Family and national sentiment; Strategy