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Exploration of the Current Situation and Path of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Background of Integration of Industry and Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.005


Chengying Niu

Corresponding Author

Chengying Niu


With the evolving global economic landscape and technological advancements, the significance of innovation and entrepreneurship in higher vocational education has surged. Particularly in China, driven by the "double innovation" initiative, merging industry and education has steadily become the cornerstone of vocational college reforms. This paper delves into the present state of innovation and entrepreneurship teaching in vocational institutions, set against the backdrop of industry-education integration. It seeks to identify innovative solutions for present challenges. Critical aspects like curriculum structure, pedagogical techniques, partnerships between academia and industry, and faculty development were scrutinized. To address these challenges, a range of reformative recommendations were made, encompassing fortified industry ties, enhanced curriculum planning, refined teaching strategies, and bolstered faculty development. This study offers invaluable insights for vocational institutions, guiding them to effectively impart innovation and entrepreneurship knowledge amidst industry-education amalgamation. The ultimate goal is fostering a genuine blend of theoretical knowledge with practical application, thus shaping adept, innovative professionals.


Integration of industry and education; Vocational colleges; Innovation and entrepreneurship education; Path exploration