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Research on Garment Board Production Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2023.004


Gu Xiaoxue

Corresponding Author

Gu Xiaoxue


In terms of garment technology, plate making is a key link, which is directly related to the work efficiency of garment factories. Further, we develop new manufacturing molds, which have been widely used in the current garment market environment, and comprehensively improve the overall production efficiency of the garment industry. Therefore, the design and production of garment craft cardboard belongs to the key link, which should be highly valued by relevant personnel. Based on this, the full text briefly describes the garment process plate making, clear the design points, the targeted and rationality analysis of the garment process design and production process, to provide important reference for the relevant personnel, to ensure the overall economic benefits of garment enterprises, promote the good development and progress of China's garment industry.


clothing process plate making; overview; design points; design and production process