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Research on Fashion Illustration Creation

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2023.035


Sun Lu

Corresponding Author

Sun Lu


Fashion illustration is the use of illustration as a carrier to convey trends and messages. This article introduces the creative process of fashion illustration from several aspects, such as inspiration, concept, style, expressive elements, and color relationships. Creative inspiration is the soul of fashion illustration, and creative philosophy is the dominant concept and central idea in the process of fashion illustration creation. Fashion illustration creation style is the style and style formed by fashion illustration creation under the guidance of creative philosophy. The expressive elements of fashion illustration are the basic symbols in creation and the carrier of style presentation. The color relationship of fashion illustrations is closely related to the creative concept, style, and elements of expression. There are usually two types of color relationships: contrast and harmony. Fashion illustration creation presents both fashion and fashion, combining artistry and design, which can both replicate fashion and lead the trend.


Fashion illustration, creative inspiration, creative philosophy, creative style, expressive elements, color relationships