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The Application and Practice Research of Industry University Research Cooperation Model in the Construction of Computer Science

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2023.032


Tang Laifeng

Corresponding Author

Tang Laifeng


The industry university research cooperation model, as an effective educational model, can organically integrate resources from the industry, academia, and education sectors, providing computer science students with rich and practical learning experiences. However, in the practical application of the industry university research cooperation model in the construction of computer majors, it faces practical difficulties such as incomplete cooperation mechanisms, low industry participation, disconnection between academic research and industry demand, and mismatch between talent cultivation and industry demand. In this context, schools should actively explore the construction path of computer majors based on the cooperation model between industry, academia, and research. By establishing a platform for industry, academia, and research cooperation, strengthening industry participation, promoting talent cultivation and matching industry needs, and strengthening intellectual property protection, measures should be taken to continuously improve and innovate the cooperation mechanism, making greater contributions to promoting the development of China's computer industry.


Industry university research cooperation mode; Computer major; Application dilemma; Practical path