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Optimization of Education Management System Based on Web

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.067


Tan Jing

Corresponding Author

Tan Jing


With the advent of the global information age and the development of computer science, the positive role of information management technology in social life becomes more and more obvious. Computer-aided management has gone from scratch. The course of development is from immaturity to maturity. By referring to the experience of computer-aided teaching management in many foreign countries, education computer-aided management in our country has developed gradually. In terms of schools, the teaching management is a very important but very troublesome thing, if with the combination of information technology and teaching management information system, the efficiency of the school's teaching management can be greatly improved to reduce the data statistics and analysis of data. Teaching management system development method for top-down and modular system development method includes the development and the order for the system analysis, system design, system implementation, system summary and detailed design and realization of online inquiry, and the administrator to realize modify functions, schedule arrangement, login result, etc. of students’ information. The system is divided into front desk and back desk. The front desk is direct to the user, conducting various inquiries about teaching; The background is data statistics, management and control.


Web teaching management system, design, implementation, information technology.