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An Analysis of Ideological and Political Teaching Mode in College English Courses under the OBE Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2023.019


Nana Yan, Zhiyun Song, Yuyu Wang

Corresponding Author

Nana Yan


As a public basic course, college English needs to improve students' basic English skills and attach importance to the cultivation of their comprehensive application ability and cultural accomplishment. As a new educational method, OBE teaching concept plays an important role in college English teaching, which can effectively promote the reform of teaching mode and meet the needs of students’ all-round development. The ideological and political construction of the curriculum is based on the core of comprehensively improving the ability to cultivate talents, and the guiding ideology of building the ideological and political teaching system of the curriculum by insisting on “student-centered, output-oriented and continuous improvement”, which coincides with the concept of OBE. Based on the current situation of college English teaching, the two are combined. It improves students’ comprehensive language application ability and cross-cultural communication ability.


Results-oriented education; College English; Curriculum ideology and politics