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Research on the Construction and Optimization of Quality Standards for Cultivating Applied Talents in Private Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iceieis.2023.010


Chen Baohua

Corresponding Author

Chen Baohua


In the evolving landscape of China's educational sector, private higher education institutions (PHEIs) have emerged as crucial players, addressing the escalating demand for diverse and applied learning opportunities. The proliferation of PHEIs is a testament to the country's educational metamorphosis, aligning with the modern-day exigencies of the labor market. However, this growth is not without hurdles. The disparities in student quality, inadequate instructional methodologies, and the dearth of a robust applied talent training framework have posed significant challenges. These hurdles not only impede the quality of education but also stymie the alignment of academic offerings with the pragmatic demands of industries.


Quality Standards; Private Higher Education Institutions; Industry-Academia Cooperation