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Sociology and pedagogy: two different perspectives of the essence theory of vocational education

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.066


Chenchen Yao

Corresponding Author

Chenchen Yao


Sociology and pedagogy discuss the essence of vocational education from different angles, showing completely different horizons. Sociology focuses on the role of vocational education in social structure and social mobility, and emphasizes the influence of social factors on career development. Pedagogy pays more attention to the educational process itself, teaching methods and learning results. These two different perspectives have their unique values, but there are also complementarities. To sum up, the nature of vocational education is complex and multidimensional. It is not only a tool to provide specific skills and knowledge, but also involves multi-level issues such as social mobility and economic growth. Integrating the viewpoints and research methods of sociology and pedagogy can better meet the needs of modern society for high-quality vocational education. This comprehensive approach is expected to provide more comprehensive guidance for formulating more effective vocational education policies and promoting social equity and economic prosperity. Therefore, the collaborative research and cooperation between sociology and pedagogy is of great significance in the field of vocational education, which is helpful to shape a more forward-looking education system to meet the evolving social needs.


Sociology; pedagogy; vocational education