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Exploration and Analysis of the Combination of Excellent Culture in China and Ideological and Political Education in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.065


Zongguo Wu

Corresponding Author

Zongguo Wu


Chinese traditional culture advocates benevolence, honesty, and the pursuit of inner sages and outer kings, advocating for continuous self-improvement. The essence of these traditional cultures is of great significance for ideology in universities. It plays an irreplaceable role in helping students coordinate interpersonal relationships, enhance integrity and trustworthiness, cultivate patriotism, and improve overall quality. We should establish the integrity of college students and gradually reverse the dishonesty and bad behavior of some college students continuously influence the ideological values of young people through the heroic and self-improvement deeds of national heroes. Through this approach, the patriotic spirit of young people can be effectively cultivated and a strong patriotic cohesion can be formed among the youth group. With the continuous updating and progress of teaching methods, a diversified approach has been gradually formed to integrate greatly promoting the significant improvement of the level of ideology in Chinese universities. This article mainly analyzes the significance of infiltrating excellent traditional culture into ideological and political courses in universities, and explores the strategies and guarantee measures for organic infiltration of excellent traditional culture in ideological and political courses in universities, for reference and reference.


Excellent culture; Universities; Ideological and political education; Exploratory analysis