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Artistic Analysis of Video Game Design Based on VR/AR Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.064


Zhu Lan

Corresponding Author

Zhu Lan


This paper discusses the origin and purpose of art from the perspective of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology. VR and AR games are introduced into the realm of art, and VR and AR are promoted to arts based on the innovative nature of the broad outline of the impact on the art world. Aiming at the above impact, this paper proposes a new classification method that is more suitable for the future development of the arts, that is, the logic classification to deal with the change that will be triggered after VR and AR games become an art form, briefly describes the significance of logical taxonomy for the development and creation of new art, illustrates the problems facing modern art through the Art Nouveau Manifesto and provides some additional explanations of previous issues.


VR, AR, video games, art taxonomy, new art.